5 inch X11 feet WATERPROOF BAND


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It is installed with an unmodified thin-set to ensure a fully water-tight seal to prevent leaks. Vapor barrier waterproofing strip for sealing butt joints and floor/wall connections with waterproofing membranes.


  • Roll is 5 in. wide and 33 ft. long
  • Prevents build-up beneath the tile

The polymer polyethylene polypropylene waterproof membrane is made of polyethylene, high-strength polypropylene non-woven fabric, ultraviolet light shielding agent, anti-aging agent and other polymer raw materials, and is produced by one-time extrusion molding processing on an automated production line. The middle layer of the coiled material is a waterproof layer and an anti-aging layer, and the upper and lower sides are reinforced adhesive layers. It is firm, reliable, without warpage, no hollow, double-layer waterproof, is a new type of waterproof material.


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