Ernie Sesame Street Character Plush Toys for Toddlers


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SESAME Street Character Ernie Great Toy for Toddlers

Dimensions: 32 cm

Casing Material: Super Soft

Filling Material: PP Cotton

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Ernie has a characteristic chuckling laugh (a trait he shares with his baby cousin, Ernestine), and he also has his signature pronunciation of the word “again” (ay-gain). Ernie is known for his fondness for baths with his Rubber Duckie, and for trying to learn to play the saxophone. Ernie is also known for keeping Bert awake at night, for reasons such as wanting to play the drums, wanting to count something (like sheep), to observe something like a blackout, or even because he is waiting for his upstairs neighbor to drop his shoes.


  • Soft, huggable material.
  • A fun gift for birthdays and holidays, a plush the toy is a cuddly pal for kids ages 18 months and up.
  • These adorable soft plush toys will become your little one’s best friends! Keep your child entertained with these wonderful Cartoon Characters Plush Toys.
  • Great for imaginative play and enhance their intellectual development! -Not for children under 1-year-old, to be used under the direct supervision of a responsible adult.


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