What did You need to Know About SHOPSEES restricted products?

Selling any of Shopsees restricted products can have gigantic consequences for your Shopsees store. Determine which products to avoid on the marketplace. Examples of items that are not allowed to be sold through fulfillment are:


Shipping alcohol to some states is an offense- resulting in excessive felony consequences. We do not allow shipping on liquor items except you applied for promoting it on Shopsees. You must require special permissions prior to selling alcohol online. The sale of alcohol is managed in almost all international locations. Some may take a lenient view of beer and wine particularly, however maximum will not allow the sale of stronger alcoholic drinks without the vital licensing. Several international locations have a ban on promoting alcohol online.


Guns and other forms of weaponry are illegal to sell online. In fact, there are very few forms of weapons that are permitted for retail sale in any country. And these also require licenses to sell as well as buy.


You can order some tobacco products online, but cigarettes are usually not among them. Other tobacco products — such as cigars — are usually permitted online purchases – but, as usual – state laws vary. Before attempting to sell or buy tobacco products online, check your state or national laws in order to avoid legal complications.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Firstly, regulations vary, but some states do not allow online purchases and out-of-state shipping of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some regions in the US have strict limitations in this area due to fear of agricultural pest infiltration. Most states have regulations on labeling, handling, and packaging that must be followed as well.


Shopping for a pet online and having it shipped to your home is legal in many states, although animal rights groups have concerns about the practice. Each state and territory have regulations about the transport conditions for these domestic animals. Purchasing exotic animals is a different matter and is illegal in some areas, whether done through e-commerce or not. If someone offers you an exotic pet online, do your research and find out if it is legal in your state, territory, or country.

Prescription Drugs

Many e-commerce pharmacies now exist that allow you to switch your prescription out-of-country and feature tablets mailed to your house. These companies do affirm prescriptions before sending you the medicinal drugs. The pharmacy landscape is converting with the advent of telemedicine docs — physicians that could write prescriptions for a few illnesses by using conducting a phone or online exam with you. These docs are board-certified however are confined in what they can prescribe without carrying out an in-person exam. In widespread, they could legally prescribe antibiotics, antifungals, hypersensitive reaction meds, oral contraceptives, decongestant nasal sprays, and high blood stress medications. However, you are accountable for verifying the pharmacy’s legal fame. Foreign pharmacies are a different matter. The FDA lets in a few tablets to be exported into the US if they meet several standards, which includes putting forward them to US Customs. Foreign pharmacies can not legally sell and ship capsules to your property.

Illegal Items

If Shopsees somehow discovers a restricted item or ingredient in an item that you are selling, you can face many consequences, and at least will need to prevent selling the item. You will get hold of notification from Shopsees that an object may have brought about a confined product policy. We may even have let you promote a certain item inside the beyond and decided to make it a constrained object moving forward and could request which you eliminate the stock as soon as possible or they will accomplish that themselves. Certain product categories require pre-approval from Shopsees before you can list items in those categories, and some require additional information and/or a supplemental guarantee. If you have any doubts about the legality of an online item, check the laws and regulations that apply to you.